World Diabetes Day- What is the impact of Diabetes on your eyes?

Diabetes, which is a term given to the condition when the glucose also known as sugar gets higher than healthy levels. Diabetes is also famously known as the house of illness due to all of the side effects that come along with it. One of the organs that are heavily get affected by it is surprisingly our eyes. There is not one, but several ways as to how it affects them. In this blog, we will cover how diabetes affects your eyesight. Look out for the symptoms and get the right cure done !

  • Blurry Vision — if you fail to see clearly, it might be the fault of high sugar levels in your body rather than your specs which makes the eye lenses swollen therefore hindering the vision. You must take control of your body sugar level as it might take up to 3 months to get it back to normal.


  • Cataracts — we all very well know what the shield in front of the eye lens is made up of. It is not necessary that only diabetic people get the cloudiness in their eyes, but they surely get it earlier than others and also end up making it worse faster over time.

    Glaucoma — it has several forms and types, it is a group of diseases targeting the eye nerve. If not treated early, it can even lead to partial and complete blindness. Again, diabetes plays its role by doubling the chances of glaucoma.


Initially and over time you might experience several symptoms like an ache in the eyes, red eyes, blurry vision, night blindness, floaters, flashing lights, poor color vision, and several more.

Answering the biggest question, as to when you may see a doctor — You must see a doctor as soon as the problem persists longer than usual, or starts reoccurring frequently than before. You should not wait for them to take over your regular life and start hindering your daily tasks.

How can you tackle these diseases?
You might start getting your sugar level tested more often, more than once a year at a minimum. To protect your eyes from diabetes or to prevent from them getting worse, you must take well care of your ABCs, your A1c, and other necessary factors like blood pressure and cholesterol. Not to mention, quit smoking and drinking immediately if you do. To keep a check, get a dilated eye exam at least annually or more frequently if recommended by the doctor. These steps are often taken for granted until the damage is done. Don’t fear if the right time has passed for such a process, you still can win over these with the help of the right doctors and care, and yet, if you are in the initial stages, be thankful and give in all to restore the life to your precious eyes.

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