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Established in 2009, Balaji ENT and EYE Hospital have successfully made their name as one of the best hospitals in Maharashtra. Along with the name, we have also been growing the available services, technology, and reach in Kalyan. Breaking the stereotypes of ENTs being low on technology especially when it comes to surgeries, we have equipped ourselves with a world-class Ear Microscopy center, sophisticated Nasal Endoscopy camera systems, Electro Diagnostic Audiometry, Hearing Aid, as well as Nasal & Laryngeal endoscopies. Not only that, we have gone one step ahead, to become the 1st medical center to introduce Microdebrider for nasal endoscopic surgery & Skeeter system for Ear surgery in Kalyan, Impedance Audiometry, OAE, and BERA. Another record adding to us is of being the only first full-time dedicated Audiologist for Audiometry treating aid trial impedance Audiometry, OAE, and BERA.

What drives us every day is our mission to make world-class state-of-the-art Ascitic and Rx facilities in ENT and EYE, available all under one roof. This passion has made us remain the center for excellence MICS Cataract premium IOLS, FESS, Endoscopic Sinus surgeries, EAR surgeries. Reflecting on our vision is the actions that have made us a house of all, we deal with treatment, medical and surgical for Ear disease, balance, Vertigo, Nose Allergy & Sinus, Voice, Headache, and Snoring problems.

Our hospitality is our culture. We don’t compromise with anyone or anything. Whether you are a new patient seeking a second option, a senior wanting to improve your hearing, or have a child with recurrent ear infections, we provide you with your best match of treatment, from comprehensive Rx options and solutions through cutting edge to evidence-based technology & clinical expertise. You are promised health in the most friendly way possible.

We understand how these unwelcomed harming guests in your body have already stressed you out enough to care anymore about anything else. Therefore, we have made it easier for you to get treated and the process post-treatment. We invite you to explore more Mediclaim and cashless facilities at our very own Balaji ENT and EYE hospital.

To get into technicalities, we are a twin specialty hospital in prime locality in west side Kalyan city spread over 3100 sq. ft. Not only that, we are acknowledged by the government and are registered with the local governing body having Reg. No KDMC/HD/BNHRA/01/127/09–10. Our hospital has separate ENT & Eye operation theatres and has Well-furnished deluxe rooms with attached toilet, bathroom, Intercom, AC, TV facilities to make your trips to the hospital much easier especially if you own a family. Despite our large area covering, we have made it easier to reach out to various places needed during the treatments. We have attached a pathology laboratory for Pathological tests (blood, urine testing & ECG), an attached Blood bank & an X-recenter at 2 min walking distance from the hospital along with all Ambulance services that might be needed.

Talking about what makes us, we have a Qualified & Experienced team of 6 Anesthetists, Physicians & Generasurgeonson foon-call services. Visiting Onco-Surgeons for Cancer surgeries related to ENT & EYE. Unlike any, we are available 24 into 7 with all the necessary emergency services and nursing services. It is difficult to cover everything in one blog, thereby, we will just talk about the Eye and Ear OTs in detail.

Covering the eye OT, we have ensured it to be equipped with state of art VIDEO ENDOSCOPY to Show the findings to the patient and the relatives in REAL TIME and Full-time Dedicated Postgraduate Audiology Audiometry facility, Impedance Audiometry. Not only that, we perform all operations in ENT like Tonsillectomy Conventional, Radiofrequency assisted & Co–ablation tonsillectomy No Bleeding, Early recovery),Septoplasty, Septorhinoplasty FESS(Microdebrider) Thyroidectomy, Tympanoplasty Mastoidectomy micro laryngeal surgery, Stapedectomy, Lymph, nose biopsy, cancer surgeries, excision of submandibular & parotid glands, Tracheostomy, Foreign body removal from Ear, nose & throat under General Anaesthesia endoscopic DCR, etc

Not only that, in our eye OT, we have a well-equipped exclusive Opthal OT with automatic OT table, Zeiss Operating microscope, Phacoemulsification system, and a Laureate World-class Phaco Machine-(ALCON).

On top of that, it is a hub of several specialized clinics like Vertigo Clinic, Headache Clinic, Voice Clinic, Speech Therapy Centre, Cancer Screening, Laser-Assisted, Biopsy & Biopsy with Radiofrequency(Bloodless & OPD Procedure), for Comprehensive Ear, nose & throat check-up, and finally, even for Oral and Laryngeal — VideoEndoscopy.

Before you lose all your focus to the EYE OT, let us cover all we have in our ENT OT! It is a 300 sq ft separate ENT OT with the capability of showcasing g LIVE demonstrations of the surgery. Well equipped with split AC, Hydraulic OT Table, ceiling mounted light, Major Boyles machine, Monitor trolley for video endoscopy, Medical grade Monitor striker (USA), Suction machine, cautery machine — 2 units, Separate autoclave, sterilization room & wash space. Not only that, we have adapted to the latest technologies like Radiofrequency (Bloodless Procedure & Early Recovery), Co- ablator, Flexible Fiber-Optic Laryngoscope.

OPDs are a lifeline of every hospital, no matter how insignificant they might sound, but we all are well aware of their importance. This is the reason why we have made our OPDs efficient for nearly every task that helps you save time and get results immediately. Talking about our eye OPD, it is well equipped with computerized eye check-ups to give you accurate results which is exactly what is demanded in such sensitive parts. We also have a separate contact lens clinic, squint & Amblyopia clinic, Retinal disease management team powered with the technologies of Yag Laser and Argon Laser. Apart from that, we also have a Glaucoma clinic, a Cornea clinic, and Paediatric ophthalmology which basically gets every possibility of any disease covered.

Unlike the OPDs, the surgical centers are not required to prove their importance. Therefore we also have facilities for phacoemulsification cataract surgery, squint surgery, vitreoretinal surgery, glaucoma surgery, Keratoplasty, Lid & cosmetic surgeries, once surgery for eye & adnexal, DCT, DCR, Chalazion incision & curettage, ocular trauma management. Not only that Balaji ENT and Eye Hospital is extremely delighted to announce that we have now acquired Centurion Vision System from ALCON. Which is proven to be the safest and the best Machine for “Phacoemulsification Surgery” used to cure Cataracts, surprisingly, this system is rarely available in India.

To introduce with the best eye specialist in Kalyan we have Dr. Brahmi Pandey Cataract, Glaucoma [ MBBS, DNB, DOMS, MS, FCPS, TRAUMA & COMPREHENSIVE (GOLD MEDALIST) OPHTHALMOLOGY ], Dr. Aniruddha Mahindrakar Vitro-Retina [ MBBS, DOMS, MS, ICO(UK)], Dr. Sheetal Deolekar Cornea & Refractive Surgery [ DNB, DOMS, MS, FCPS Fellow Cornea, Disha Hospital, Kolkata ] and Dr. Harish Pathak Squint & Oculoplasty [ MD (AIMS), DNB, MNAMS, FRCS, FICO(UK)

In a mission of being complete by ourselves, we have also built several in-House Facilities, which include, an in-house Pharmacy, In-house Pathology collections, In-house Audiology, Hearing Aid Centre, and an In-house Optical store with the best collection of latest Frames & Glasses. These not only save a ton of time but also help you with your accuracy assurance!

A hospital is not only all about technology, curing, and money, after all, we also understand the value of hospitality. We make sure to stay connected with all without any diseases with the help of all the educational blogs that we keep posting on our website as well as Quora. Along with it, we have made it our culture to operate on every patient just like we would on our family members. This culture is our secret to the success of becoming the best EYE and ENT Hospital Kalyan, Maharashtra.

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