Difference between Cataract and Glaucoma surgery


Eyes are one of the most precious things that we are gifted with, and just like others, it too faces some major issues hindering our daily tasks. In this blog, you will understand the differences between cataract and glaucoma surgeries. Before you move on to understanding the differences between the solutions, it is necessary for you to understand the difference between the diseases, symptoms, and causes.

Starting with the issue of Cataracts which is a clouding formed on the naturally clear eye lens. It is as good as seeing through a cloudy window. The symptoms might include difficulty seeing at night, sensitivity to flashes, extra efforts to do regular tasks, fading or yellowing of color, and even double vision. Initially, it might not catch your attention due to its small size, yet it might make a major issue for your vision as it takes over your eye lens completely.

Mostly the causes are aging or injury which might make the proteins and fibers in the lens break down causing vision to become cloudy. But this might not always be the case. The other reasons might include inherited genetic disorders that increase the risk of cataracts. Past eye surgeries or medical conditions such as diabetes also play a major role. There are various types of cataracts like cortical cataracts, posterior subcapsular cataracts, congenital cataracts, etc. Diabetes, excessive exposure to sunlight, smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, previous eye injury are some factors that significantly increase your chance to get cataracts.

By wearing sunglasses, controlling blood sugar levels, rich appetite, and getting regular eye check-ups you can avoid and tackle cataracts at early stages.




Surgeries are the best way out of this. Due to its slow forming nature, not everyone needs surgery especially if they are in their initial stages. Few early problems like nearsightedness can be cured with glasses themselves. Once the cataract starts taking over your daily tasks, then is the real need to make the procedure of surgery further, that too only after doctor’s approval. Each has its own procedures, cost, and recovery time. There are several risks that follow the treatment like swelling of the cornea and eye, bleeding in the eye -vision loss, accumulation of fluid in the retina, detachment of the retina, pressure behind the eyes, drooping eyelid, and even dislocation or movement of the implanted lens.

Types of Surgeries
Majorly, two types of surgeries, Small incision cataract surgery, and Extracapsular surgery are very well known, yet other types like laser cataract surgery are also gaining trust as it is proven to be the most effective. Laser cataract surgery recovery time is a week which is much lesser as compared to the other surgeries which might take longer. All of them surely have their own pros and cons and the surgery that suits you the best depends on your situation including time, budget, and technology available around you.



A condition wherein the optic nerve is damaged is known as glaucoma and grows slowly, making this worse over time. Often it is usually seen in adults and is said to be genetic not necessarily have to be though. The intraocular pressure, the pressure in your eye is said to damage the optic nerve which is responsible to send images to the brain. It can cause partial or permanent vision loss over the years if not treated. Early symptoms and pain are rare to be experienced in this condition. Even though the lost vision can’t be brought back, yet if the pressure gets controlled, you get to keep the eyesight you have.

Glaucoma Causes
The building up of the fluid within your eye also known as the aqueous humor is the major cause behind glaucoma, this is usually said to be passed down in generations. Past eye surgeries, severe eye infections, blocked blood vessels, etc. are the other rare reasons or causes behind it.

Seeing halos around lights, vision loss, redness in your eye, the eye that looks hazy (particularly in infants), eye pain are some noticeable symptoms of the same.

Types of Glaucoma
Open-angle glaucoma and Angle-closure glaucoma are the main types. Yet the other rare types include secondary glaucoma, normal-tension glaucoma, and pigmentary glaucoma.



Surgeries are not the only way out if other treatments like drops are working fine. Yet like Cataracts, there are various types of surgeries available for Glaucoma. Trabeculectomy, tube shunt implantation, and the newer procedures called MIGS, or minimally invasive glaucoma surgery are some procedures to be taken care of. Most prominent of all is laser treatment glaucoma eye surgery. laser treatment for glaucoma cost varies from place to place, but the average amount in India is

Major Differences
There are differences between these two and their surgeries-
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