Decision Making In Cataract Surgery

For some people deciding where to do your parent’s cataract surgery is straight forward -> the centre with minimal or camp /free surgery for those and those who want to spend on the surgery want the most expensive lens.


Dear Friends ,
There are many factors which decide the successful out come of a cataract surgery.
The most important is the surgeon:-
– Surgeon

Look for acacdemic qualification, Degrees , Diploma
Reviews available online .

In a single doctors clinic the doctor has a central role in the entire –cataract surgery experience

(1)Careful pre – operative assessment , meticulous evaluation by various diagnostic modalities like Lenstar, OCT , topography ,RAM Through counseling .Pre – operative instruction

(2) The surgical procedure itself
• The choice of best technology phaco machine .
• The skill set (soft hands ) of surgeon
• Strict policy of all disposable s to minimize infection .No recycling of Consumables
• Highly motivated and technically skilled OT paramedical staff
• Availability of a specialist anesthetist doctor during the procedure itself to attend the general health and well being of the patient
• Your surgeon has probably spent 1/3 – ½ of his life perfecting the art of modern cataract surgery .
If you can walk home immediately after the cataract surgery without any discomfort it is due to any entire life time Devoted for this skill acquisition

(3) Post – operative care
• Post –operative care must include
• Detailed instructions about Do and Dont’s to the patients and families .
• Counseling about returning to work and travel
• Detailed examination on every post op visit- by the surgeon .himself / herself
• Being just a phone call away for anything the patients needs during the post –operative per- operative period

(4) Choice of lens
• There is a hot of technological jargon floating around :- monofocal , multifocal, toric ,aspheric, foldable , microincision, extend range IOLS and lot more .

A more balanced option is
(1) Discuss your lifestyle ; your work profile , night time highway driving ; preference for glasses any other eye or general health related issue with doctor .

(2) Let your eye specialist suggest the best type of IOL that meets your requirements realistically

Dear friends ,
Cataract surgery is no more a commodity for which the rates can be compared
IT is highly customized refractive solution requiring very expensive technology and highly skilled surgeon and team
Don’t look at price tag; ask for value
Don’t ask for concessions ; you are asking for compromise
If some body offers all this for free in an non- government
Set up
They may have some hidden motives . rather than the best surgical outcome for the patients


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